My first post with wordpress

As a first post on my new blog which I intended to start in January,I’d first thought I would share my photographic experience first before displaying any photo content.

My father,Colin Sanderson was an avid picture taker with a makeshift darkroom on a wooden bench on the Bath in the bathroom,many a sunday was spent in that “blacked out bathroom” Moving to a larger home with a brick built shed to it’s rear was obviously a big attraction to my dad to convert into a full time “darkroom” by which time many exhibition prints were being made,some of which hang on my office wall to this day.Thus an interest in photography was spawned.Many years of photographic awards and competition wins followed in the 1970’s with Chester-le-Street camera club.Most weekends were now taken up with various photographic challenges with printing in our darkroom on a sunday being a priority for presentation for monday nights camera club meeting.Also doing the odd wedding shoot meant that the hobby could be funded,however,double booking himself un beknown,my dad had a problem in 1972 and dropped me off a a brides house to shoot their wedding photos whilst he went off to shoot the other job,I was 11 years old and the bride..Sheila hit the roof at an 11 year old photographing her wedding!!

With my dads trusty pentax spotmatic and 3 rolls of kodak plus-X the job was completed and she was over the moon with the album

Years later and another move to East Durham,the photo opportunities dwained and the darkroom was mothballed for other interests but my photo interests never dwindled,I married and still yearned to do something photographically and still remember my fathers words.”.son you aren’t good enough to be a pro photographer” My Dad forever the pessimist,convinced me that a “proper” job was the way to live.I was now 22 years of age and still taking my dads advice!

A massive upheaval led both me and my parents selling up and moving to the Scottish Highlands(Nr Glencoe) in the winter of 1988 to run a cuppla of CTN based newsagent and general dealer stores,within 3 months he was diagnosed with terminal cancer and died 3 months later 31 may 1989 he was 49 years old I was 27,The world fell from under my feet.Moving back to the north East it was time now to start all over again except with my own family to support

Thus the darkroom came back into being and pictures were shot locally,then I started making a “pest” of myself hounding the local newspapers with pics,which were published’then wedding photography grew,social events,media events and more,thus proving to me that I was good enough to be a photographer and proving my dad wrong after all the years,He would have loved this,because his favourite saying was that I could never be better than him! and do you know why..Because when I was better than him he could always say”that’s my son”

Please take the time to read this blog as it develops and once I get to understand how it works as I really want to go back to “basics” to try to show the difference between having the “photographic eye” to implement the craft and being a “button pusher” which I believe many so called-(digital) photographers are.


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