My choice of camera for the Blog

most of my projects which will posted here will have been shot using my trusty old Nikon D70s.It’s primarily used as a backup camera to my other Nikon DSLR’s.Its’ 6.1megapixels on a cccd sensor I find still quite adequate for day to day shooting and it goes everywhere with me.Coupled with a spare 18-70mm f3.5 nikkor reminds me of the early days when most cameras came with a standard 50mm lens and that’s all you had,therefore I feel that this camera in some ways takes me back to my roots in photography and helps me think a lot more about what I’m doing.Combine this with a tiny 256mb cf card gives me only 44 shots available,I only shoot RAW so there’s a little more than a roll of 36 exposure 135 film available,so again it makes me think before I shoot.All in all it’s a great little camera,lightweight and feeling good in the hand makes it my daily companion to record my observations on a day to day basis.



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