This is one of the larger buildings of the village and now stands empty and derelict,It’s stood as a public house now for over 100 years,and become a real eyesore through its neglect,lets hope that it is developed soon.


My village church

making the most of the first day in weeks that the sun shone today it was nice to be out and about in the village with my grandson,although still bitterly cold,the nice clear blue sky really warmed the heart,stopping for a walk around my local church,where I have shot many weddings,I had the opportunity to shoot some pics around this beautiful building.This is a stitched vertical panorama of 5 shots,then a square crop added.The converging verticals is a big problem with this shot,although looking a lot better now than from the original image which really needed a lot of post processing to reach this final image.shot RAW on my D70s at iso 200 1/320 @ f11

Winter or Spring

A good dumping of snow recently especially in North Yorkshire iso 200 1/320 F11 +1.5stops ev