comic book hero

inspired by the work of Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein I approached this lad in the street for a quick shot and I’d process it to turn him into a comic book hero look.


The lady's not returning

On the day of the funeral of barronnes Thatcher,a gathering of many ex miners held a private commemorative party in the social club in Easington.This was a mining village in North east England,devastated with the closure of the colliery,the community still suffers to this day in the aftermath of the closure,still suffering high unemployment and a lot of social issues caused by a lack of work.Nikon D300 (not my D70s) iso400 1/500@f4 on the 80-200 f2.8

Lonsdale,Smith and Jones

a cuppla lads make their way through a graffiti strewn underpass going about their business,I was actually quite struck by their politeness as they passed me,saying hello,so I thanked them for a picture opportunity and bid them farewell iso200 1/60 f8

Market Trader

shooting in the street in my nearest town in Peterlee North east England this street trader(a butcher) obviously spotted me and decided to pose for a picture,thus I think losing the “moment” that I first saw as he sorted through his stock iso200 1/125 @ f9

Derby Day 2013

As Sunderland take on Newcastle in the Tyne/Wear derby at St James park,the local pub has the match on TV,the place erupts as Sunderland score their 2nd goal,going on to beat Newcastle 3 nil. Nikon D300 this time(not my D70s) iso 800 1/80 at f3.5

Hammer Strength

The wall of a local Gym and fitness centre in Peterlee,North east England iso200 1/60 f11 and a little wizardry!

When dinosaurs ruled the earth

A park in middlesbrough,north east England in an industrial area contains metal fabricated sculptures from the jurassic period.It’s known locally as “Dinosaur Park” iso200 1/160 f11

Lost in conversation

These three girls are from the local riding school,pictured on the track upto the stables quite unaware they had been captured.
D70s iso200 1/250@f11 at 70mm (the longest end of this lens)

Still on duty

This pillbox stands in the countryside to the east of the village,being on the Coast ,it was obviously built to hinder an invasion during world war 2,many of these structures remain in England,strategically placed and are monuments in their own right to our past and deserve to be preserved.iso200 1/50@f11 @35mm on the 18-70f3.5
processed in ACR to give an authentic 1940’s feel of the image.

Redundant Sign

Walking around my home village,I’ve become increasingly aware of the changes in my time here,This sign still stands above the entrance to the “workingmens club” The building has stood empty and unused now for over 10 years,it was the colour,contrast of the “peeling paint” that caught my eye. iso200 1/125@f11 and a little creativity in photoshop