Durham Cathedral and the River Wear

in memory of my father who taught me all things photographic and also the camera club he belonged to who educated me too,this is Durham Cathedral using all that was unachievable back in the day,I’ve photographed this iconic structure for the last 45 years to achieve this kind of image and it represents the beginning of my life as a photographer.My dad died 25 years ago this month and he dreamt of this image that simply cannot be captured on 35mm film due to the elements and composition involved.
I feel proud and Privileged to have this historic city as my county capital and will always be proud to call myself a Durham Lad.
If you are watching down on me,dad,Enjoy
iso200 1/60 f11


2 thoughts on “Durham Cathedral and the River Wear

    • Thanks Jo,this shot represents all I was taught by the photographic community,and is a culmination of around 45 years experience,the advent of Digital has brought a whole new world of imaging possibilities of which this is just an example.I look forward to perusing your blog,from a “local” perspective.

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