At the car wash

Many street corner car washing businesses have popped up on the streets,this one appeared a few months ago in the village,just a couple of hundred yards away from my home,they seem to do a good trade,although I do like to wash my own car. ISO 200 1/250th F5.6


On Guard

Around the village are council owned gardens rented by tenants for a “peppercorn” rent,they are known as “allotments” and are fiercely protected by tenant gardeners who grow our famous giant vegetables and flowers for local shows,many are protected by metal rail fencing and barbed wire and guard dogs loose inside,but never have I seen an allotment guarded by “chickens” iso 200 1/160 f11

heugh Gun Battery entrance

The original entrance to the Hartlepool Heugh Battery,a gun battery in Hartlepool,North east England,set up as a coastal defence in the first world war.

Heugh Battery

getting too familiar with my immediate surroundings,and wanting to get out “shooting” after a killer week at work,a 10 minute drive to Hartlepool and a walk around the headland with my 4 year old grandson for company took me to first world war Gun Battery on the coast.Processed as a cyanotype the engraved plaque tells the story in this picture.iso200 1/160 f11 and a little lightroom work.

Redcar Beacon

I’ve watched the construction of this since day one as I had been working in this area.It’s both controversial and thought provoking to many local residents,but to me its mixture of steel,concrete and glass against a nice polarised blue sky made this structure a “must” to capture iso 200 1/80 f11,polarising filter.


A lone lifeguard keeps watch over the safe bathing area in the sea at Redcar in North East England. iso 200 1/200 F11 but at 200mm with my 80-200 f2.8

Durham Cathedral

Forgive me for yet another picture of Durham Cathedral,I just cannot resist this Iconic building in Durham,North east England,I just never tire of visiting the Capital of my County iso 200 1/160 f11