Tea Time

friends or family gather having Tea and admiring the sight of the PSS Winfield Castle inHartlepool,North East England iso 200 1/500 F11


Headland terrace

No trip to Hartlepool for me is ever complete without a visit to the historic Headland area.The sight of these terraced homes all neatly coloured are a feast for the eyes in the setting sun. iso 200 1/500 F11

Flock of pigeons

A disabled lady covers her face to protect herself from these pigeons as they take off around her and her husband,he seems quite oblivious to them.Hartlepool in North east England iso 200 1/500th F8

Streets of Durham

A family negotiate a narrow cobbled street on a steep hill in Durham city,actually,I’ve got to admit,it’s my lovely wife,my daughter and my grandson on an expensive day out in this wonderful city.iso 200 1/160 F11

Ice Cream,Sir

An Ice cream vendor selling in Durham City centre from a really old fashioned bicycle derived ice cream container.I was really taken by this man,he never lifted his head at all to acknowledge his clients,it felt to me that he held a sense of “shame” that he’d come to this after probably a lifetime of work and still needs to earn a living.processed to look like the world it belongs in,I think it brings a sense of the past into the modern world.

Music in the market

entertaining the crowd in Durham city market place,these pipe players are just a street shooters dream,shot in Durham,North east England iso 200 1/320 F8

Train to Nowhere

An old “shunting” locomotive stands on display now retired in its old place of work in Middlesbrough,North East England iso 200 1/160 F11

River Pilots

the River Pilot boats,moored on the River Tees,Middlesbrough,in North East England iso 200 125th F11

The Lord Byron

This has got to be one of the thinnest buildings I have come across,in an area of Middlesbrough,north east England,it’s actually a Public House. iso 200 1/160 f16