Red Bridge

A narrow steel footbridge across a 30 metre limestone gorge in the Castle Eden Dene nature reserve in east Durham,England iso 200 1/3rd @f11


Castle Eden

The neighbouring village of Castle Eden has its own stately home,referred to as the”castle” Built for the Burdon family in the late 1700s it is now in private ownership.Processed to resemble an old victorian sepia image,I’ve given it almost a “Gothic” look also. iso 200 1/50th F11


helping a student in her photographic studies,I was able to help produce a “high key” shot using studio flash,trying to explain the rules of Exposure.she gave me permission to use this image as I shot it with her camera a Nikon D300s at iso 100 1/200 F11 and lots of lights.

Autumn has arrived

one of the trees in the village as it takes on the “golden glow of Autumn” it’s a wonderfully colourful time of the year. iso 200 1/200 f11