Seaham Pier

seaham pierIt’s freezing up here in northeast England,but at least the sun has been out of late with some wonderful blue skies.1/100 f11 iso200


Wingfield Castle

Any trip to Hartlepool,Northeast England has got to include a visit to the Maritime experience in its Marina,where tales of Hartlepool of old are on display in its maritime museum and its famous historic quay containing the wonderful Frigate HMS Trincomalee. its masts can be seen here in the background. The marina quay is the berth of the SS Wingfield Castle,original a steam paddleship,now converted to a floating museum too.Make sure if you visit,to check out its’ wonderful coffee shop on board as it is among the best I’ve had (and I drink a lot of coffee!!)

This is 1/125 f16 iso 200 at around 24mm.wingfield castle

A Path to Sea

Taken in Hartlepool Northeast England,this shot reminded me so much of my time spent with a photographic judge who explained to me the use of hyperfocal focus,a vanishing point in the rule of thirds and wide angles to accentuate the foreground,that was in 1969 and I was 7 or 8 years of age! well 47 years later I still practice those techniques.That man and my father taught me a lot,which I try to pass on now. 1/60 f16 iso200 at 24mmheugh breakwater

Hartlepool Seascape

I often like to try to test my knowledge of “Exposure”and this proved to be a test in itself.Pointing in toward the sun,and no lens hood I knew I could be heading for trouble,with light bouncing from all directions,from the sea alone.This is Hartlepool,Northeast England looking south down the coast with the wind turbines of the off shore wind farm off the coast of Redcar.Sadly the Blast Furnace and the steelworks of Redcar have announced closure.There is some lens flare in this shot,which I could have removed,but sometimes a little lens flare,I feel just belongs there.Gotta say this little secondary camera of mine is still performing really well,my trusty little old Nikon D70s.this was 1/60 f16 iso 200 in Manual mode._DSC0009-a

TNT Truck

Ok,my day job is a multi drop driver for TNT Express here in the UK based in the North East of England for 20 years,and whilst I can’t say that I love my job,it has some serious ups and downs through out a year,but it becomes “The Life”,the hours are long,but you get to drive some nice trucks,Bright Orange in colour and personally as a bit of a show off I love it,but it comes at a cost.You are very “high profile” in the eyes of the general public,so any mistakes on the road can lead you into trouble,we all are Professional drivers and highly trained,road safety is of paramount importance in my life,however I probably digress.The first quarter of 2016 sees the amalgamation/acquisition of TNT by the US based Fedex delivery services who are after our massive road network in Europe.Whilst I appreciate that business is business,I’ll always be a TNT lad through and through,and we as employees enjoy banter via our own Facebook page and twitter too,with all this in mind I’ve been photographing inside the firm of our trucks and our people,it’s why we have become reborn as “The people Network” this is an HDR shot of one of our trucks,hope you like it.8810

The Saxophonist

Among the many street artists and busking musicians I have photographed,this chap has been one of the best I’ve come across in Durham city centre here in North East England.A true “Entertainer” 1/250th f5.6 iso 200.saxophonist

Durham Cathedral

Back again in Durham,North East England,I never tire of seeing its magnificent Cathedral towering over the river Wear.This time with a difference.I’ve never really known what to make of HDR images,now using HDR software,a little more control over the final image is achievable,this is the area my father introduced me into photography around 50 years ago.Based upon a series of 5 different exposures with my first being 1/30th f16 at iso200.cathedralhdr

Villiers Street Art

villiers streetTook a trip to my hometown of Sunderland to see how much it has changed over the years,walking the streets I grew up in as a child discovered this wonderful piece of Street Art advertising a store supplying I.T and DJ equipment.1/30th f11 iso400.


Tommy 1101Tommy is the name given to this 9 feet high sculpture of a world war one soldier.sculptured from core ten steel and weighing 1.2 tons He’s an impressive sight above the beaches at Seaham,North East England.Created by artist Ray Lonsdale,it’s official title is 1101,depicting a British soldiers thoughts at 11.01 am in 1918 when hostilities finally ceased.1/200th f8 iso 200.