TNT Truck

Ok,my day job is a multi drop driver for TNT Express here in the UK based in the North East of England for 20 years,and whilst I can’t say that I love my job,it has some serious ups and downs through out a year,but it becomes “The Life”,the hours are long,but you get to drive some nice trucks,Bright Orange in colour and personally as a bit of a show off I love it,but it comes at a cost.You are very “high profile” in the eyes of the general public,so any mistakes on the road can lead you into trouble,we all are Professional drivers and highly trained,road safety is of paramount importance in my life,however I probably digress.The first quarter of 2016 sees the amalgamation/acquisition of TNT by the US based Fedex delivery services who are after our massive road network in Europe.Whilst I appreciate that business is business,I’ll always be a TNT lad through and through,and we as employees enjoy banter via our own Facebook page and twitter too,with all this in mind I’ve been photographing inside the firm of our trucks and our people,it’s why we have become reborn as “The people Network” this is an HDR shot of one of our trucks,hope you like it.8810


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