Deep in conversation

A group of people, obviously friends meet in the market place of Durham,got to admit to watching them a few moments before taking this, before they spotted me.

1/320 f8 iso200DSC_0010


Student Life

students on the streets of Durham,England,obviously discussing their plans for the afternoon, it made me smile to see the different activities here as a couple of them are off to play tennis, one has a chocolate orange, whilst the other two look like they’re off back to their digs to consume a crate of lager! iso 400 1/125 f8DSC_0041

Durham Cops

Happy to pose for pics during a patrol in times when we all need to be a lot more vigilant a couple of Durhams finest allowed me to capture them going about their business.1/640 F8 iso 400_DSC0004

The tin of sardines

On a walk round Durham last weekend a Gin bar has opened, it’s basically an end room of the store next door and is tiny inside selling an enormous range of Gin,the image shows the bar! I was stood in the far corner of the room!

More than 10 people in here and it will be Packed.Hence it’s name “The Tin of Sardines”

The owner was kind enough to allow me to photograph inside, trying out a new lens, the Sigma 10-20 f3.5.this was 1/125 f8 at iso 200 still with my wonderful little blog camera, my Nikon D70s.DSC_0018-a