A Big Read

DSC_0017An elderly lady reads her newspaper in a coffee shop in Durham city,North East England.

Lighting in here was a big issue bumping the iso on this little camera has introduced grain to some extent.It maxes out at 1600,and shooting above 800 introduces noise, which I don’t have a problem with, some images benefit from it.iso1000 1/30 at f3.5 using the wide end of my 17-70 sigma f2.8


Admiring the view

This chap and his wife were stood for ages admiring the view over the river Wear in Durham on Framwellgate Bridge that I had time to set my little D70s on the bridge for support iso200 1/320 F8


Student Life

students on the streets of Durham,England,obviously discussing their plans for the afternoon, it made me smile to see the different activities here as a couple of them are off to play tennis, one has a chocolate orange, whilst the other two look like they’re off back to their digs to consume a crate of lager! iso 400 1/125 f8DSC_0041